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Vancouver event photographer Jozef Povazan Photography

Award winning event and lifestyle photography studio specializing in creating real stories for the most demanding clients and brands.

Founded by Jozef and Maria Povazan and serving nationwide from beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Studio is specializing in photographing events where people and venues locations melt the stories together in a very artistic and creative way.

Best event photographers in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jozef Povazan Photography was established in 2009 and incorporated in 2017 to serve their growing clientele from all over Canada and Internationally. Majority of our work is aimed at weddings, gala events, Christmas parties, lifestyle portraits, team building and sporting events, luxury annual ballroom festivals, fashion and magazine editorials, corporate headshots and studio work.

Our studio photographers travel all over the country from Pacific to Atlantic coast to photograph events at cities such Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Whistler, Kelowna or Victoria. Some of our clients fly us to their venues in Caribbean with most popular countries to be Mexico, and cruise ship events are also getting more popular.

Team building events photography.

Union and corporate workload can be very demanding and thus team building events became absolute hit for last four years. If you do it our photographers will do it with you. To give you an idea where we went with our cameras you can imagine, speed boating, skiing, snorkelling, zip lining, climbing, sailing, go-kart racing, gliding in modern gliders or even vintage ones without hard cockpit open roof styles, fitness races and more.

Our goal is to offer you a photography story the way you lived your team effort during your team building fun and priceless moments to keep forever from it.

Vancouver luxury events and gala photography.

Companies who celebrate award winning gala nights in the most luxurious Hotel ballrooms in downtown know how to get a party started. There is so many moving parts and details which goes to nights like these and we have you covered. Special lighting effects, studio sets for creative portraits to remember those hot ladies dresses and James Bond style tux props of gentlemen is just the beginning.

Event planners and decorators, special acrobatic groups and artists, catering teams with those amazing culinary skills and florals that put to shame botanical gardens. That is only a few moving parts which makes great event a success. And then is us who preserve those moments in amazing imagery to be shared and showed to those who were not there. Our goal is to exceed the highest expectations and yours is to enjoy yourselves.