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Vancouver weddings and portraits packages

Thank you for your interest in our photography.

To find out about our full price list simply fill in our request form and we will get back to you within 24 hours or simply call us at 7783403460 if it is an urgent matter.

Basic rates start from:

Mini portraits sessions - $100

Studio headshots - $150

Lifestyle outdoor headshots - $200

HANEY SWIM CLUB 50% PROMO Athlete sessions - $250 * Promotion rate valid MAY 15 - JULY 30. Regular price $500

Outdoor lifestyle portrait sessions - $500

Branding and commercial photography - $700

Elopement Sessions - $900

Event photography $1000

Helicopter Lifestyle engagements $1500

Weddings - $2990

Customized destination wedding quotes and multiple day wedding celebrations estimates are available upon request.

Thank you for reaching out, we are looking forward to hear about your ideas.

Jozef+Maria Povazan

Vancouver wedding and portrait photographers