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Vancouver portrait and headshot studio by Jozef Povazan serves actors, models, fashion clients, modern couples, future stars, art lovers, beautiful minds of all ages from around the world. This is a very unique place for you if creative minded approach to amazing portrait is what you would like to have created for yourself or your loved ones.

Studio has been established with a very simple idea to give you a unique story in amazing images. All of them would be photographed with a very modern approach in mind and portrait session from which you will leave speechless will be tailored to You.

We are all different and we believe you want to show who you are, were or want to be. We are problem solvers and creative minds who love to push average to WJH - What Just Happened? That means...

No expectations simply enjoy amazing experience

This will be something you have never experienced before since we photograph the way we do, our way. You know what you want. Since you reached out to us you might want bit of different, modern, creative, unique, everlasting, beautiful, grungy, sophisticated, bold, fearless, you name it style in your portraits and we offer you to create them for you with that approach in our minds.

We are problem solvers with high energy levels to deliver even if you plan to have the shoot done at Mt. Everest base camp - to which we have been to. There is a small catch in these beautiful stories you are looking at. It is called You.

Prepare to give 1000% of you at the shoot

You are the person who makes this successful photo shoot. You having blast and great time, let emotions, anger, excitement, fear, laugh, cry and love to show and share with Yourself since you will never forget this experience you signed up for.

Powerful and yet simple images which will trigger expressions in not just you, but anyone you show them to. Joyful memories you will cherish forever and your children of your children will hold on to these prints for years to come.

Prints like none before so hold on to them.

You know the saying - Roof is on the fire grab family, pictures and run.

There is a nostalgia in all of us hidden deep and hiding very well from these days iPhone society. We stopped printing and we stole a century of memories from our families by doing so. I bet you can still remember those old, scratched pictures your grandma used to have in box somewhere. Well this is us giving you that box for you and your families to pass on. No brainer in this, we want you to have these images forever, not until your current phone dies and your images disappear with it. We do print and we do create memories a way you will be amazed. Slow down, sit and think what would you like to bring back if you could.... We bring your future your memories from past in very tangible way.

How it works?

Here is the contact form or if you prefer a direct email to us. It all starts with a chat couple lines from you, chat or Skype/Face time or even a personal meeting. We create specifically for you, we prepare everything just for you and we photographed with your personality in mind for you. This is not repetitive copy-style snapshotting. This is art in making and You are the one who makes this reality. We are thrilled if you read all this all the way down here, so that means either you are so excited as you can be or you are some other photographer who is trying to pick our brains how and what we do :)

Either way, Thank you for stoping by my name is Jozef Povazan and I am your Vancouver photographer.