Best Vancouver wedding photographer Jozef Povazan Photography studio.
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Brockhouse wedding photography

Brockhouse Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Fireworks Wedding Brock House Jericho beach

Jozef is by far the best photographer in Vancouver. The time he put into making our special day that much more special was above and beyond. His eye and creativity is unmatched and that was evident from day 1 - just by looking at his work on his website.

Not only that but I can’t tell you the number of times our guest commented on not just how amazing they thought the photos would (and were) be but how good of a time he looked like he was having. The passion he puts into his work shows not just in the final result but in his day to day which led to an even better time for our guests. For me, that’s what sets people apart.

I recommend Jozef for any and everyone. Thanks, Jozef! PJ