Vancouver Convention Centre TED show event photographer
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Vancouver Convention Centre TED show event photographer

Vancouver Convention Centre TED show event photographer

Vancouver Convention Centre TED show event photographer Jozef Povazan. Award winning lifestyle and architecture studio photographed luxury events in Canada.

Vancouver TED Show architecture design.

Did you know that famous TED talk show takes place in Vancouver Convention centre for the third time? What is really amazing about this event is that you get a chance to hear and see some of the most influent people of our century such scientist, ecologist, doctors, athletes or simply children who some way showed us certain things can be done multiple amazing ways.

Achievements they did in their fields of interest simply had a wow factor and were often fearless to start with. Ideas and brains of these humans can be a bi motivation and inspiration for individual or even nations and could be recognized as some of the most influential findings of this lifetime.

I have been honoured to photograph BTS or behind the scenes architecture assignment how this project stage comes together and its final look. This wooden based stage is simply gigantic and unless you walk through it couple times you probably do not even realize how much timber and screws and small details were put into this design. It has been build inside the Vancouver Convention centre and taken apart weeks afterwards to be moved to a storage waiting for another season to come out again, being transported to the Convention centre again and reassembled to accommodate thousands of visitors and attendees to this special event of the year.

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Location: Vancouver Convention centre.

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