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Best engagement pictures created by Jozef Povazan - Vancouver award winning destination wedding photographer. Scenic, creative and timeless images of love and beauty captured in unique breathtaking style. Modern portraiture for people who love the art and want to have unforgettable memories not just from their wedding day but also from engagements.

Some of the best locations for engagements around Vancouver are Science World and False creek, Gas Town, Stanley park, Spanish Bank, Jericho beach, UBC botanical gardens, Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Van Dusen Gardens, Lighthouse park West Vancouver, Capilano suspension bridge and Pinnacle hotel at the pier in North Vancouver, Lynn Valley suspension bridge, White cliff park, Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish, Panorama Ridge and Garibaldi park, Peak to Peak gondola romance, Grouse Mountain and many more...

Yet even more important then your location is you. It is you who want to come to these or any other places to be photographed there. It is you who is in love and want to have that love story captured by me - the photographer. That is why I feel that engagement portraits are without a doubt one of the best investments for you - the wedding couple. You can simply relax after being photographed and seeing your beautiful images in your hands. You get to know me a bit more and you can rest assured that your wedding day is going to be captured the way you dreamed about and you will love those photographs for ever.

Building a trust is not an easy task. Building a relationship between you two and me your photographer should be more like hanging around with a friend. Cause believe me, by the end of your wedding day we just might become ones.

Jozef Povazan - Vancouver wedding photographer with a friendly attitude :)