Kitsilano beach tattoo couple engagement love and fun

Kitsilano beach tattoo couple engagement love and fun started at Holly and Bryce apartment balcony across the street. Guys had candles on stands ready for romantic evening set, and we photographed a short story from it how they light them up and enjoyed each other feelings. Extremely camera shy guys who would rather hide if they could but Holly hunger after beautiful portraits won. We were simply walking at the parking lot and looking for a nice light. Would you say that car were parked all over the place where this was photographed? People were walking on the side walk enjoying the sunset and these guys simply were there for each other. I do not ask for a smile for a pose, being yourself or smiling at each other is different story. To tease them to evoke expressions out of them way I want is a different story. I have a sense hidden in me to enjoy people who are around and share joy with them even though I just met them. I love live and share that around so it is kind of addiction for the others. Bryce is a great guy, couple tattoos on his body which to strangers might look weird but it is him. I respect people's freedom and genuine behaving, it tells me a lot about who they are. Holly and Bryce had amazing love story going on their own way, and I was honoured they allowed me to capture it for them. The best reward for me was hearing Holly to say to me, this was actually easy fun stuff and we enjoyed it. Bang, being yourselves and enjoying to be photographed despite being camera shy, well what else I could hope for? Great images and they will cherish them forever. Thank you Holly+Bryce and I am looking forward to photograph your Brock House wedding this summer. Jozef - Vancouver Wedding photographer.