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Award winning wedding photography by Jozef Povazan Vancouver wedding photographer

Unique, modern and creative style amazed hundreds of my clients who love art and wanted to have simple yet different looking images from their big day. I was blessed to have a talent to capture and create everlasting pictures from the wedding celebrations. I feel honoured every time I had been chosen by my clients to photograph them and their loved ones all round the world. I am based in North Vancouver, BC but was able to work for clients from all around the world like Australia, Singapore, USA, Russia, Israel, Europe. Destination weddings are absolutely amazing experience not just for the wedding couple - you - but also for me. A thrill you are experiencing to be married at those precious places to your hearts brings the shivers down my spine as well. I have built a successful photography experience for my clients based on my untraditional approach to your wedding pictures. By working extra hard to create for you everlasting story from your day captured in sets of images I became a hero and McGiver for most of my clients. I simply love my profession and consider it to be the best job for me on this planet! If you feel my imagery caught your attention and you would like to have yours life story captured by me, please get in touch with me to get more details how it all can be done in case your date is still available in my calendar.