Brockton Point lighthouse engagement Stanley park image

Brockton Point lighthouse engagement Stanley park image created by Vancouver wedding photographer Jozef Povazan Photography. Moody and unique place for you if you are looking for some of the best wedding or lifestyle engagement locations in the city. Stanley park offers a big variety of scenic and epic spots and this one is a very different from any other. Two stairways under the lighthouse make the light leak and wrap so nicely that I bet you there were hundreds of brides here for their wedding dress portraits photographed. This very casual picture of groom holding a bride to be and genuine smiles on their faces make this moment everlasting. If bold and different story from your wedding or engagement day is very important to you then I would love to hear from you. My name is Jozef and I am the photographer who lives his passion through the lens of my camera. Let's see if we could come with a new great story for you which you will love forever. Thank you for visiting. Cheers. J

Location: Brockton Point Lighthouse, Stanley park, Vancouver, BC.