Fairmont Pacific Rim fast cars engagement Coal Harbour

Fairmont Pacific Rim fast cars engagement Coal Harbour with easy going M+K. What comes to your mind if you walk on a side walk and see a McLaren F1 car in front of the Fairmont hotel in Vancouver? Let's take a picture. Well, on an engagement portrait session it should have some story in it... Since this super car was parked next to couple more Ferrari and Lamborghini it did not take long time for Mike to actually wanting be in the picture with them. Kassandra then had a easy job, just to walk by as nothing happened. This was not planned since we were heading to Coal Harbour portrait session with a scenic nature in mind but who would refuse a Formula 1 small sibling concept. Unique pictures of ordinary people in a bit more edgy and creative way then standard RCMP no smile style. If you like what you see here I would love to hear from you. Since you are unique your ideas will for sure get my attention. My name is Jozef Povazan and I am a photographer. Specializing in weddings and engagements stories told its own everlasting way. For more info reach out to me and I am looking forward to hear your story.

Location: Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, Vancouver, BC.