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Ballerina bride style pictures

Ballerina bride style pictures Today I am posting for you something a bit different. Ballerina bride style pictures from my last week photo shoot. The idea of this whole session was

Bride in National Theatre

Bride in National Theatre A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Well I have edited just handful images for this blog but they show a spectacular architecture of

Romantic Christmas engagement

Romantic Christmas engagement It is not a wedding season yet and still I have a very romantic story to tell. When a man meets a women of his dreams and

Stanley park bicycle engagement

Stanley park bicycle engagement If you think you have already seen these guys faces on our wedding blog then you are right. Stanley park bicycle engagement session was second out of

Night wedding photography

Night wedding photography   Here is the last – Night wedding photography post from this season weddings for you. Sounds kind of weird at the end of the November, but well

Night wedding formals pictures

Night wedding formals pictures The winter time has come and the days became shorter and the night sceneries took over Vancouver skyline. What for some people might be a bit

Minter gardens bride

Minter gardens bride It must have been our destiny to cover Minter garden venue for two different couples this season. It would not be surprising, things happen. What is interesting

Hart House Wedding

Hart House Wedding  

Tea House Persian ceremony

Tea House Persian ceremony Anthony and Sara Tea house Persian ceremony. I have met this couple after I was recommended them by their friends who booked a wedding with me

Olympic village wedding formals

Olympic village wedding formals.  How to create completely different looks in your wedding formal pictures. Bride and groom has always a certain idea how their wedding formals images should look