Bride in National Theatre

Bride in National Theatre

Bride in National Theatre

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Well I have edited just handful images for this blog but they show a spectacular architecture of Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava with a bride in it.

This winter break from Vancouver weddings brought me to Europe where I worked on couple photography projects and also had a chance to enjoy my family. This photo shoot I am about to share with you was quite a unique experience for me. My ‘bride’ was Slovakian opera singer Alenka and where else could we create better images of her than at the place she performs. The theatre.


slovak-national-theatre-bride_6PP8719 Bride in National Theatre

This was a dream come true for any photographer. I had the theatre available for couple hours and could move around and create images I wanted. Well the crew was building a stage for the evening Carmen opera so I could not move their direction but I believe they enjoyed looking at us a lot. Specially when Alenka posed at the main stage of the theatre.

slovak-national-theatre-bride_6PP8694 Bride in National Theatre

Antique red armchairs which you can see usually in museums got a sparkle of light on them when they switched the lodge lighting for me on. I had to travel light to Europe, so the main light source I see for the whole session were 2 LED lights and 1 wireless flash. That was it. Simple but effective, that is how I shoot at weddings and can move around fast enough not to miss anything.

slovak-national-theatre-bride_4PP7292 slovak-national-theatre-bride_4PP7282 Bride in National Theatre

Can you imagine to have the whole wedding reception in this kind of location. Amazing. I miss the old European architecture a lot.  Saloons with high ceilings, huge windows and bride in them. Like a fairytale.  Looking forward to shoot this wedding season. I had recharged my batteries and let’s get to work again.

slovak-national-theatre-bride_6PP8770 slovak-national-theatre-bride_6PP8767 slovak-national-theatre-bride_6PP8751 slovak-national-theatre-bride_4PP7300 slovak-national-theatre-bride_4PP7431

Thank you Alenka for being such a great bride and allowing us to capture your beauty in such a spectacular location. Runaway bride or Cinderella on the stairs 🙂