Prague fashion photo-shoot

Prague fashion photo-shoot


Winter break from wedding photography let me cover Prague fashion photo-shoot this year. Amazing location and dream city for a modern bride with taste was my idea after seeing couple test shots on the back of my camera. Too much talking is not necessary simply browse through the pictures and fly there when you can. It is worth it. Previous session from Liberec fashion shoot can be seen here.

fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5650 Prague fashion photo-shoot fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP4384 Prague fashion photo-shoot Prague fashion photo-shoot

One model Jana, two fashion designers Zuzana Hrubosova and Lucia Ocovska, amazing MUA Lucia Kapustova three sessions, eight dress collections, my big buddy Magee / Peter Major – super sea kayaker who made it to Nordkap in his own sea kayak last year / and all in one super hot antique city. Prague rocks.


fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5599 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6133

fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5891 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5872 Prague fashion photo-shoot

The first session took place early in the morning at the Charles bridge. The freezing morning and windy weather at the river was running shivers down by spine of our model so we worked as fast as we could. The old narrow streets and coffee shops offered us shelter and amazing backdrops.

fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5502 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5486 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5478 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5448 Prague fashion photo-shoot

The street lamps were off so we decided to come back next day even earlier for even more moody shots. But indoor shots from multiple passages in old city were also more than successful.

fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6456 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6394 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6389 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6363 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6347 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6256 Prague fashion photo-shoot

We were running quite late and the weather outside was just too horrible so I cam up with the idea of shooting late evening shots indoor at famous cafeteria Slavia just across the National Theatre. Before we got there we ran these couple poses across the river.

fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5964 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5962 Prague fashion photo-shoot

The manager of the coffee shop was very helpful and let us to occupy a corner with old nostalgic pictures on the walls. A great studio style prop and my heart was so pleased with it. Perfect for the night.

Prague fashion photo-shoot Prague fashion photo-shoot Prague fashion photo-shoot fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6602 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6588 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6543 Prague fashion photo-shoot Prague fashion photo-shoot

The next morning I scouted the areas around river Vltava in complete darkness. I was hoping to capture a nice dawn sunrise with deep blue sky above Prague castle and Charles bridge. Well. We did.

fashion-prague-photoshoot_6PP8613 fashion-prague-photoshoot_6PP8621 fashion-prague-photoshoot_6PP8620 fashion-prague-photoshoot_6PP8629 fashion-prague-photoshoot_6PP8635 fashion-prague-photoshoot_6PP8643 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6959 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP6954

Wow what a beginning of a day. Despite another freezing day we still managed to drive around and visit couple more locations I was determined to capture. And the views of Prague bridges and the Vltava river running into horizon were a dream come true sight for all of us.

fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP7198 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP7147 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP7121 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP7095 fashion-prague-photoshoot_4PP5967

Thank you guys for being such a good team and your talents. It was fun and I am looking forward to create another fashion challenge for you next year again. This time, it will be in May 🙂