Night wedding photography

Night wedding photography

Night wedding photography


Here is the last – Night wedding photography post from this season weddings for you. Sounds kind of weird at the end of the November, but well there are brides and groom out there who do not mind cold freezing weather. My last couple of this 2013 weddings were Andrew and Cassandra. Their idea of creative wedding formals was night pictures captured at the Lds Temple, Langley. Theirs wedding ceremony finished just before 8PM, that means it was absolutely dark outside when the door opened and new-weds walked out with their hands waving in the air. Some of the guests were visiting from Vancouver island and were about to leave for a ferry there. That is why we finished a family session first so the guests could go their own way and could start bride and groom creative formals session. We had couple challenges to deal with. The first was the light. It was pretty much night time, so I have chosen a lighting set up based on couple of my video lights, mixed with some radio triggered wireless flashes and couple light modifiers. Second more important issue was the freezing weather. I had couple layers of warm clothing on me including goretex jacket and wind-stopper gloves but poor bride had just this beautiful dress. Have a look how we managed to compete with this frosty evening session.

Night wedding photography Night wedding photography night-wedding-formals_4PP3163 night-wedding-formals_4PP3161 Night wedding photography

When the chill factor got under bride’s and groom skin, Andrew simply pulled in his truck, started the engine and every time I was changing my lighting set up and position of the stands, they sneak in to the warm cabin of the truck to warm their cold feet and hands.

night-wedding-photography_6PP6135 Night wedding photography Night wedding photography Night wedding photography

And when there was no time to do so, Cassandra simply started to run around as fast as her dress allowed her and Andrew as real gentleman was covering her in her winter jacket and held her close to his body. They really enjoyed to be close to each other.

night-wedding-blog_4PP3233 night-wedding-formals-Ids-temple-langley_4PP3282 night-wedding-formals-kiss night-wedding-formals-lift_4PP3277 night-wedding-formals-TRIO night-wedding-photography_6PP6163

The sound of frozen grass crunching under our feet as we went around the Ids temple to find the best angles for the shooting was surreal. Stars above us with moon shining were more than romantic and epic at the same time and by the time we had finished we completely forgot about our frozen cheeks. It was great fun and absolutely worth the extra effort. Thank you and congratulations to you Andrew and Cassandra. I hope your honeymoon trip is not an Arctic. Here is a post with some other night theme wedding images from our portfolio.