Romantic Christmas engagement

Romantic Christmas engagement

It is not a wedding season yet and still I have a very romantic story to tell. When a man meets a women of his dreams and she feels the same way, the love is in the air.

Romantic Christmas engagement Romantic Christmas engagement christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP3854 christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP3967

For Paul and Dominika who met in Vancouver this was a magical moment as well. Unfortunately she had to return back to Europe to finish her master degree at the University. Paul could not wait to see her again and couple weeks after she left he paid her a visit in Europe so they could be together again. Where do you think I join the story?

christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_6PP8155 Romantic Christmas engagement

Well I have known both and when Paul came back to Vancouver he told me he had a surprise for Dominika. He bought a flight ticket to Europe for Christmas to surprise her at home. I had also planned a trip to Europe for this winter and I told him we can meet when we are there. The time has come and I flew to Slovakia at the beginning of December. After a long season I could finally have a rest and enjoy my family. But let’s get back to love birds.

christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP3851 christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP3885 christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP3896 Romantic Christmas engagement

The Christmas came with no snowfall to Bratislava where Dominika lives. On Christmas Eve Paul asked Dominika’s older brother if he could show up with his family under the parents christmas tree as a present for Dominika. So when the evening came the whole family met in the living room. The whole family started to celebrate the evening and when the party was about to start Paul showed up in the room right in front of Dominika.

christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP3772 Romantic Christmas engagement christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP4081 Romantic Christmas engagement

She just stared at him and could not believe this was happening. The hug followed the kiss. And another one. Their faces were smiling and their eyes were what lips could not do in front of so many other people. What a surprise for a girl who was about to spent the Christmas eve without her love. Paul asked Dominika’s parents in advance if he could join them for this winter holiday so they were filled with joy to see them both being happy.

christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP4039 christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_6PP8224 Romantic Christmas engagement

The next day could have been just another winter day but Paul had no intention of slowing down with his surprises and in the morning when Dominika woke he offered her his love and with a diamond ring in his hand and asked her the famous – will you marry me?

Romantic Christmas engagement Romantic Christmas engagement Romantic Christmas engagement

Just like that, out of blue and they were engaged because the girl said Yes. Can you imagine the parents hearing the story when they got back from morning church mass? I guess that was a time for another celebration.

Romantic Christmas engagement christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP4224 christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP4241 christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP4260 Romantic Christmas engagement

Well and couple days afterwards the couple has approached me if I could do their engagement photos in old town Bratislava. Well I was honoured and glad at the same time. The images turned out great and despite the cloudy winter day we had some great light and amazing images were captured that day and night.

christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP4236 christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_4PP4243 christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_6PP8318 Romantic Christmas engagement

And even though they do not know the exact date yet for their wedding they would be very happy if I could cover their biggest day for them, so I guess next year I am flying to Europe again for another destination wedding. Congratulations Paul + Dominika. You know it is going to be a great wedding, and I am glad I am going to be there with you.

Romantic Christmas engagement christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_6PP8280 Romantic Christmas engagement Romantic Christmas engagement

Romantic Christmas engagement Romantic Christmas engagement

christmas-surprise-engagement-bratislava_6PP8328 Romantic Christmas engagement


Thank you for sharing your amazing story and Romantic Christmas engagement with all of us. Looking forward to create for you unique wedding images in near future.