Minter gardens bride

Minter gardens brideIt must have been our destiny to cover Minter garden venue for two different couples this season. It would not be surprising, things happen. What is interesting is that Minter gardens are going to be closed after 33 years due to construction on October 14th, 2013 and we might be the last vancouver photographers who photographed a bride in there on October 5th, 2013. Sad, because this place has been a miracle.


When I met Jessica for the first time she had an idea of a romantic Minter gardens bride photo shoot. Young and beautiful she planned the day so it could be a an amazing fairy tale. The bridesmaids and groomsmen dress code, flowers and the location of here ceremony were stunning. But at every wedding something happens and this one was not an exception. The bride arrived late. Our photography timeline was packed with couple’s dream come true pictures so we had a challenge in front of us. Capture the day how we planned it but with less time and more sweating equity approach.  Enjoy and let us know if we managed to handle it as pros should.


minter-gardens-bride minter-gardens-bride

minter-gardens-brideminter-gardens-bride minter-gardens-bride

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After a short ceremony under a white tent, Jessica and Logan took the whole family for a spin around the gardens for the family formals. And just because we asked for a list of all the group shots before we could save the couple precious minutes so they could get back on track with time. The granny was saved from running around the park and we started the formals with her at the ceremony location. After the whole family the bridal party and then just the bride and groom sessions took a place. A time to create some art. Amazing, romantic and fund wedding pictures is what most of our brides loves. And I love this part of the day when we create what the client dreamed about. Cool wedding photography pictures.

minter-gardens-bride minter_gardens_bride_2PP9389 minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter_gardens_bride_2PP9710

vancouver wedding photographers - povazan photography minter_gardens_bridal-party_2PP9579minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter_gardens_bride_2PP9864 minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter_gardens_bride_2PP9939 minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter_gardens_bride_5PP9367 minter_gardens_bride_5PP9377 minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter_gardens_bride_5PP9468 minter-gardens-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures chilliwack-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures minter_gardens_bride_5PP9628 chilliwack-romantic-bride-wedding-pictures chilliwack-romantic-bride-wedding-picturesWe had a great light with lots of overcast above us. The close by rainy clouds looked scary though. Luckily there was no wind so we stayed dry the whole time. From Minter gardens we continued to old Chilliwack downtown. The couple had a permission to photograph in their favorite restaurant. From there we walked to the limo and our final destination was Best Western hotel in Chilliwack.

Minter gardens bride Minter gardens bride Minter gardens bride Minter gardens bride Minter gardens bride Minter gardens bride

The reception was as cool as the whole day. DJ Silver hit the floor with oldies and the retro disco style could start. Everyone was on the floor in a heart beat. Happy, smiling and shaking the air we were again lucky to be a part of a great celebration.

All the best Jessica+Logan.