UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

This is a story of Beini + Ming and their passion for creative art. When I met them for the first time it was a pleasure to listen to their pre-wedding photography ideas. Both with photography experience on their own understood  that project they were after was going to be exhausting, never-ending but rewarding. They met at UBC, lived together in Vancouver and now are about to get married. The sad part for them is they will be leaving this beautiful city soon and they would love to take with them some unique amazing pre-wedding pictures from multiple locations they loved here. The weeks of preparations, checking the weather, changing dates and rescheduling MUA and hairstylist who btw stayed with us the whole day took some time, but finally the day was here and we started to roll.

w_5PP5937 UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

Our first location was UBC campus and the stairs. As simple as it gets, they met each other at those stairs. And because they are both car enthusiasts their own way, their black Infinity got them there followed by an RCMP cruiser as I noticed through my viewfinder when I captured this moment for them. The stairs were tricky to shoot so I tried something different there to include the sun and beauty of the hot day and to me they look stunning in this shot with fashion style long dress on the stairs.

w_5PP5963 w_5PP6108 w_5PP6224 w_5PP6045 UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

Just couple minutes drive from UBC Marine drive road with its silky curvy offered us great location for couple different image styles. We had fun and action, romance, scenics you name it. This part of the city is stunning for wedding pictures and we were so blessed with great light we just kept going.

w_6PP9648 w_5PP6436 UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

It might seems that it was juts click click click and done but you are so wrong. After every set of images at certain location we had to get into the cars, move on to another location, find the parking, MUA had to touch up Bini skin heated up from the sun and running around… this takes time. So after we did all of the above again we stopped at Jericho beach pier for some city views and ocean style images.

w_5PP6473 w_5PP6476 w_5PP6483 UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

And you can bet there was many fishermen and tourists walking around so with a bit of effort we managed to get compositions without them in my images.

w_6PP9759 UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

And park pre-wedding pictures are always great refreshment for the couple who spent the whole afternoon on the sunshine so these were a great spice to their portfolio.

w_6PP9663 w_6PP9676 w_6PP9707 UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

Did I mention bride and groom to be prepared themselves and brought 3 different outfits for this all day shooting? Well they did. And for the next locations Holy Rosary Cathedral and Gas town we were setting everything for different look. Again the parking logistics and make-up hair styling combo was repeated like couple times before so we had consistent fresh look in already starting getting tired husband and wife to be :). No they were holding really great and were able to keep up with me and Maria all day long.

w_6PP9900 w_6PP9871 UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

And even when the dusk and night covered the city… great time of the day I really love to shoot this late when the harsh sun is gone. Perfect light for portraits and low light looking imagery.

w_6PP9994 w_6PP0045 UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures

So we wrapped the whole day at the sunset beach, Burrard bridge and Granville street with some night party time outfits shots for them and what a difference it made you can see by yourself.

w_6PP0088 w_5PP6804 w_5PP6842 UBC-Gastown-Night pre-wedding pictures