Knox Mountain engagement Kelowna

Knox Mountain engagement Kelowna

Being yourself in front of a camera might be a challenge for anyone. And that is why I love to photograph ‘engagement’ sessions prior to a I do day. You can get to know me, you will not stare at my 14-24 crazy wide lens at your big day anymore and the last but not the least, you will  simply try it how it feels to be followed by me for a very long time in order to create amazing pictures and tell your story at the same time.

Here is a moving picture from this Knox Mountain photo session in Kelowna, right after the rain stopped and the rainbow stretched over Okanagan.

Knox mountain engagement Kelowna from Jozef Povazan on Vimeo.

Tamara and Taylor are getting married next weekend here in Vanouver. I believe they already forget about me being around them during this as easy as it gets portrait session. They followed the best advice I could give them. Be yourself and act like I was not even there. Period. Here is couple images from this slideshow when emotions are so high you can feel the shivers running down your spine. In no particular order, enjoy:

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Thank you Tamara and Taylor for being yourself. It was my pleasure to photograph you guys despite the hungry mosquitos who pumped an adrenalin from my blood stream that evening. Looking forward to see you at your venue here at Vancouver round house. And if you liked the couple images above do not forget to visit our vimeo page for more bridal clips. Enjoy. Jozef