White Cliff engagement

White Cliff engagement.

This weekend couple chosen an amazing location for their White Cliff engagement. Here is a quick sneak preview of them and more images will arrive very soon.

white cliff engagementThe couple booked us for their big day after they saw one of our scenic images on our website. The artistic and creative oriented brides and grooms who love quality in their wedding photography love what we can do for them. As always the goal is to get it right from the beginning so to warm up this couple we started with simple shots at the close by park. First prop we used were swings for kids and they hit it on from there.

white cliff engagement

We are trying to be different at every engagement or D-day session. But what has to be captured at every one of them are emotions and feelings. Love, laugh, tears, smiles, anger you name it. But those moments make the real pictures and we love to capture those for you. White cliff engagement session with David and Malaika was planned for an hour or so and at the end we stayed longer than two. If I did not teach a photography workshop in the afternoon I would probably stayed another hour, because we had such a good time together. Here is the whole morning in pictures.

white-cliff-vancouver-engagement_2PP4991 White Cliff engagement White Cliff engagement White Cliff engagement You would be surprise what a simple swing for kids can do with a bride and groom who had never had an portrait of engagement shoot before. A magic. David – a hockey player, had a chance to engage his cardiac system and Malaika – a dancing girl could forget about me and enjoyed the breeze in her hair. The key to great images is to let it go and be yourself. A photographer is not an RCM officer who is starring at you all day long. I am a man you paid to capture your emotions, happiness and love the way you like it. So by forgetting about the whole photo stiffness caused by not feeling comfortable you get to the point when you stop care about what I am doing and simply live it for real with you loved one 🙂

White Cliff engagement White Cliff engagement White Cliff engagement White Cliff engagement white-cliff-vancouver-engagement_2PP5009Once we were done with the swing thing, we rushed to the beach to capture the last morning rays of light. I strongly recommend to shoot these popular you and me sessions early in the morning or in the late afternoon. The sun creates amazing skin tones during those hours, and it is not that harsh for your eyes. We had just couple minutes of that luxury and then it was too hard for them to keep their eyes relaxed so we went for the sunglasses back up with kind of fashion style look of the images. If we had more time I would still recommend to shoot couple extra portraits in low light such dark areas under the trees lines, but we will have plenty of time during their wedding day to do it at Minter gardens this fall.

White Cliff engagement White Cliff engagement White Cliff engagement White Cliff engagement white-cliff-vancouver-engagement_2PP5093 white-cliff-vancouver-engagement_2PP5099Oh, btw have I mentioned that David is Slovak like myself. We had never met before this so trust me the hockey theme and the flag is all Malaika and David idea. And I loved it. Made me proud and happy to be chosen to photograph their wedding day. These guys knew what they liked and did not hesitate to go for it. My advice to you out there who are just preparing to get married. Do not care what other people say about your wedding day. It is yours wedding day so live it the way you want 🙂

white-cliff-vancouver-engagement_2PP4571 White Cliff engagement White Cliff engagementWhite cliff location seemed to really put a sparkle into this couple eyes and they just had a blast out there. There is nothing better then that. Go and enjoy it, feel it live it for real. I love to see emotions. My lenses love it as well. Unless there is a real thing happening in front of my camera between the two of you I will never be able to capture it without it. I have a good success with my European english accent which cracks down most of the brides and grooms but it you do not even need those jokes and fooling around to be happy and laugh with your eyes then my lenses will for sure capture it magical way.

Thank you Malaika and David for a great Sunday morning fun.