Whistler cool ski engagement

Whistler cool ski engagementWhistler cool ski engagement took a place last week when these two ski monkeys a very good friends of ours M+L pulled me up on the top of the Whistler skiing resort. I have decided to create a really short story clip with music instead of a regular post for them. Why? We had such an awesome time up there even though the weather was kind of on the edge of spring snowy storm, that they managed in couple hours to ski, backcountry ski, jump, snowball each other, had a beer in Whistler village, and kissed each other multiple times through the afternoon. As I said monkey business to take pictures while riding on skis next to them over the edges of steep slopes 🙂

Whistler engagement skiing portraits from Jozef Povazan on Vimeo.

I had a blast like they did and if there is another request like free fall shooting, sign me up guys, I love this adrenalin junk to be a wedding photographer. Congratulations one more time and oh boy, 3 more months and your big day is here :). Enjoy it.