Westwood Plateau country club wedding

Westwood Plateau country club wedding


Sneak preview of couple images from tonight wedding at Westwood Plateau country club in Coquitlam – full post will be here in two weeks. It was pouring rain since 6AM in the morning but if you pray for a good weather when you need it, then sure you will get it. The sky opened and we had a great light for our formals with the bridal party.


Janna’s Ivory dress did not have a chance to get wet on the green of this country club and for the evening part she had also her traditional chinese red dress which was hanged in her bridal room at that moment. Despite it was the smallest changing room for the bride we have ever seen, we were able to create some really unique artsy shots in there. Well the bride was in, but I had to shoot through an open door to be able to get  a decent composition for a wedding portrait in there.


And what a Westwood Plateau country club wedding day it would be if there was no golf included. Well these guys rocked the night, so wait once you see the images from their Gangster dance but happy trio handled the chili day really great and the rain stayed away from us during this fun session on the green. More coming soon. Congratulations Janna and Thomas and we wish you a great honeymoon.

And before you will see all images on this blog post from Westwood Plateau country club wedding here in Coquitlam, we will make sure even the next venues stays covered like this one. Plus we are also working on a new tutorial and BTS from our weddings shootings and will announce you once it is ready. Good night everyone, it is 2AM in the morning, all the wedding files are secure and backed up and I can finally go and sleep after a long day at work. Fun work 🙂