Sunset beach engagement.

Why Sunset beach engagement?

Milan + Lucia had an idea to have their engagement session done here in Vancouver. There would be nothing unusual about it but keep reading. They wanted to have 4 different portrait sessions, at 4 different locations and during 4 different seasons through the year. How about that? You get a cool idea and when it comes to photography I am in. Here is a sneak preview from their summer session from English Bay Sunset beach. How come they call it Sunset beach? Well have a look and enjoy.

Sunset beach engagement

We started the day with couple warm up portraits. Nothing pushy. I have set up the lights while Lucia was overlooking the English bay, and added Milan to the shots once I was set.  During the preparations I managed to break a leg clip on my manfrotto tripod. Never mind. We still managed to photograph this amazing golden hour with a crippled tripod. Here it is how it went and all these were captured with Nikon D3s + Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 AFS VR

Sunset beach engagement vancouver-wedding-photographer Sunset beach engagement vancouver-english-bay-sunset-engagement_3PP6670 vancouver-english-bay-sunset-engagement_3PP6674 vancouver-english-bay-sunset-engagement_3PP6676 Sunset beach engagement Sunset beach engagement vancouver-english-bay-sunset-engagement_3PP6706 vancouver-wedding-photographer vancouver-wedding-photographer vancouver-english-bay-sunset-engagement_3PP6735 vancouver-english-bay-sunset-engagement_3PP6742 english-bay-wedding-photographer english-bay-wedding-photographer Sunset beach engagement english-bay-wedding-photographer Sunset beach engagement english-bay-wedding-photographerAnd there is more to come. We still did couple night shots at Granville bridge that evening so stay tuned and subscribe for the updates. And if you guess what we did next for the fall session, here is a small starter for you to taste. Guys had a spin around Stanley park on their road bicycles. I had to bike with them with two cameras around my neck and I simply could not keep up with them :). Full post coming in couple weeks.

stanley-park-biking-engagement stanley-park-biking-engagement