Sparkling Hill Okanagan wedding Manny-Pam


Sparkling Hill Okanagan wedding Manny-Pam

I want to keep this article fairly short, so let’s start with facts.

Location Sparkling Hill near Vernon, Okanagan, BC is simply such a scenic location it is hard to believe I shot there for the first time. Manny and Pam chosen it for their wedding day and no wonder the venue won 1st place at 2014 BC wedding awards for its unique, Swarovski style decoration. You gotta see it personally how many crystals had been used here to sparkle the place up and down :).

The wedding couple. Manny and Pamela from our amazing Sea to Sky gondola engagement love amazing places such this one. To create interesting portraiture for them was a joy for us. We worked shoulder to shoulder with Jacob and his guys from Lifestudio, great cinematography team who’s drone kept turning heads of the guests through the day and even in extreme heat we stayed in action mood from 7AM till 1 AM the next day 🙂

To tell a story of a wedding day can be done millions way. We have our own way to do it and creativity is put really high to ensure everlasting memories for the bride and groom.

We started very early with guys getting ready, then we joined Pamela at Sparkling Hill followed by guys trying to get through the door and stopped by nasty games and tasks to be finished first. Then the groom and the bride could finally see each other for the first time of the day. The two tea ceremonies, followed by hot summer outdoor ceremony with wow views of the valley. Family and bridal party portraits in heat such big even white umbrellas would not help to it, followed by creative portraits of the bridal party and the couple… before they finally had a break and rest before the big reception time :).

You think the day was over. Think again. Rocking the evening the couple started the great entrance with their first dance. Close friends and family then made couple speeches, and dad and bride dance was a killer – like Papa was a rolling-stone style. The dinner made us all tired again so they called in Elsa and Anna from Frozen theme to entertain kids, and guess what, all the guys went on the patio to chill out with them too. Including groom and bride at some point. Now talk about a fairytale hey? Then the sunset took over the lead over the venue and once the moon was out the moon party inside could hit the dance-floor pretty hard. Wow. This is why weddings are so cool to work at. I have an amazing job to see all this on weekly bases, not mentioning to get paid by staring all that beauty 🙂

Hey seriously, me and Maria had absolutely blast at Pamela and Manny wedding. Such a down to earth guys, loved by their families and friends had an amazing wedding celebration.

Thank you guys for having us there and this is what we created and captured for you and your family to cherish 🙂


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Sparkling Hill Okanagan wedding Manny-Pam

Sparkling Hill Okanagan wedding Manny-Pam


And for those who would love to see more images – here is a short clip with double images in it for you to enjoy 🙂

Sparkling Hill Okanagan wedding Manny-Pam from Jozef Povazan on Vimeo.


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