Saint Patrick kilt wedding

Saint Patrick kilt wedding

Wait a second guys, before we get to this moment let’s rewind a bit and have a look how the day started for Anna + Matthew.

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When I met A+M for the first time they sounded like really easy going couple, little bit laid back with happy look in their eyes. Who would tell that I was going to have so much fun at their wedding at that time? So here are their moments from the day, starting with getting ready shots and guys in kilts, joined with the best women – sister of the groom and her Scottish pipe ready to sound freaking loud in the church recessional.

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Ladies and the man of honour were getting ready at Anna’s parents house, and these Italian families are so open and joy to photograph. They just need a minute or two to warm up and once I earned their trust and they stopped looking for me they got hooked in this candid, peek a boo paparazzi style session.

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The wedding ceremony took place in Saint Patrick church in Maple Ridge. The limo services were provided by Volvo club friends of the couple and these little Swedish gems were so cool and retro looking I just liked them a lot.

Saint Patrick kilt wedding w_6PP5971 Saint Patrick kilt wedding Has I mentioned the kilts and the pipe before 🙂 I loved the way these guys thought about details, and they for sure approach the wedding day with unique style. Specially once the mass was over and we drove away for the formals.

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w_6PP6053 w_6PP1643 Saint Patrick kilt weddingShort family formals, fast refreshment at local restaurant and of we go to our next destination.

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Creative formals pictures took the place in the Mundy park, Coquitlam. This was probably the hottest day of the summer and everyone was so happy to hide in the forests around the lake there.

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Dark areas where there is not enough light are my favourite. The nasty terrain did not allow me to take all my gear in my Think Tank roller, so I locked it in my car and took only two cameras with lenses attached and one flash in case it gets too dark for my taste in there. Flash was not needed. The amazing backlighted scenes were opening one by one around me behind every corner.

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Saint Patrick kilt wedding

Saint Patrick kilt wedding

Bridal party had a great time and with their cool shades it was very easy to spot them in the woods. Enjoying themselves, we had a blast there. Laughing, jumping, kissing you name it. Amazing people create amazing moments.

w_6PP6665 Saint Patrick kilt wedding

Saint Patrick kilt wedding

Saint Patrick kilt wedding

And more fun at wedding formals in kilts, snickers and goofy sunglasses 🙂

Saint Patrick kilt wedding

Saint Patrick kilt wedding

w_6PP6683 w_6PP6688 Saint Patrick kilt wedding

Saint Patrick kilt wedding

Saint Patrick kilt wedding

When we got enough pictures from every possible corned in the park we hit the road again to our final destination, reception hall in Coquitlam. Whoever was helping with the decoration did an amazing job, and dishes and cakes were one of the best I have tasted this year thank to Austin Gourmet from Coquitlam.

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Fun, dancing, crazy photo-booth faces. Perfect wedding pictures guaranteed.

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What else to day, emotional speeches followed by an out of nowhere first dance surprise I was so thrilled to be there that I wanted to stay even though my time was up. Great wedding celebration and who knows how the place looked like once I was at home 🙂 Great couple and amazing family and friends made this day so special for everyone.

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Congratulations Anna and Matthew. We wish you all the best in your new adventure, and let it be as colourful as those funky sunglasses of yours. Enjoy.

Jozef and Maria from Povazan Photography – Vancouver wedding photographers