Pan Pacific boutique wedding show

Pan Pacific boutique wedding show

Pan Pacific boutique wedding show

Pan Pacific boutique wedding show and why you might want to to meet us.

Wedding fair and shows had kept us busy last couple weeks and this is our last winter wedding show in Vancouver area for this season. Pan Pacific boutique wedding show is held on February 22nd, 2015 from 11-5PM. It is not the biggest one in downtown yet it offers more luxury and boutique oriented vendor types. If you just think about the venue where it is held you already get a feeling this could be it, the right place to find a wedding dress, modern decor or unique wedding photographer. So how could you benefit from attending this show and meeting us there?

We are going to offer our wedding day special only available at the fairs and shows for the last time ever in the form we had it for you past couple weeks. The value of it was so tempting that our brides and grooms simply loved it since the second they saw it at our previous shows at Westin Bayshore hotel and Convention centre fair.

Line of our sought after products will be even better from this season on, so get ready for some amazing stuff to see at the fall. Till then, if you love our scenic, unique and edgy wedding photography style mixed with priceless candid moments and beautiful portraiture from your big day get in touch and we will be happy to let you know more at our complimentary pre-wedding consultation.

Our this year wedding calendar in prime season from April-October is almost 80% full but there are still some odd dates available. We are currently booking into the next season so if you know your date and you have your venue booked do not hesitate to contact us. It is never too early to search for talented and award winning photographers as they temp to get booked very quickly 🙂

Thank you for sopping by, we are looking forward to meet you at the show and who knows you might love our art so much we could then create even more amazing imagery for you on your wedding day.