Light house park engagement picnic

Light house park engagement picnicThis the third couple this year who had chosen this location for an engagement session. What is different about Teila and Pavlo is how they came prepared for this shoot. Styling made this work so easily and I can not wait to shoot their wedding in 2 weeks.

w_5PP1626 Light house park engagement picnic

This could be an easily vintage style photo shoot but I wanted to have it more romantic with a bit of edgy style. The great scenery of the park shows up when the great light happens and we had a perfect evening for this. The clouds broke apart and golden hour took over the sky. What else could I wish for?


Light house park engagement picnicw_5PP1783 w_5PP1765 Light house park engagement picnic

Posing is  what people hate so much but on the other side they would love to look the way they see fashion models on the cover of the magazines. Well I did not need to do anything crazy to get these great gestures out of the couple. I simply told them be yourself, let them walk around the park directions which I chosen and stopped them couple times, just to break them apart for a split of a second and them get some amazing natural expressions from them when they were together again. Simple. And guess what. It works.

w_6PP5288 w_5PP1653 w_6PP5246 Light house park engagement picnic

Having fun is always on a checklist of every bride and groom. Who is supposed to have fun photographer or the couple. Both would be mine answer. If you can not enjoy shooting engagements then this probably should not be your field of work 🙂 I simply love these short sessions. No pressure, creativity only sky is the limit what can be done and if the weather does not play nice way, we can always reschedule for free. But on this sunny day it would be a sin not to photograph. Amazing picturesque light.

w_5PP1923 w_5PP1975 w_5PP1986 Light house park engagement picnic

The sunset was so spectacular we were jumping from one rock to another, energy was high and what impact it had on all of us you can see here. Let the energy flow and be ready to get moments between the moments. I love capturing emotions. I sometimes wish I could shoot the whole day only photojournalistic. But my style of photography requires to approach the bride and groom from time to time and show them what I want from them so I can create an amazing album. A story they will remember forever.

w_5PP1993 w_5PP2001 w_5PP2009 w_5PP2023


The moments like these above are unforgettable. Shivers running down the spine. And when you can stay yourself the reward is an amazing image of you being you. That is what I want my clients to have. Images of themselves. People are beautiful and I simply love to be a part of big moments because my images make my clients happy, and that makes me happy in return.

Light house park engagement picnic

The sun was painting for us deluxe sceneries and even though I had my third shoot here this year, this lighting was without a doubt the best one. The time of the year matters and the angles we had the light falling on the light house and ocean around it was pretty cool. West Vancouver light house park simply rocks and I love to shoot here.

Light house park engagement picnic w_5PP2227 Light house park engagement picnic

You can see how the last rays of light kissed the couple and then the dusk took over. I shot most of the day with a long tele photo lens. It was a purpose not to be too close to them. I wanted them to breath and enjoy the moments without being too close all the time. And it worked amazing way. Guys just chilled out, walked around, kissed from time to time and most of all enjoyed each other.

Light house park engagement picnic Light house park engagement picnic Light house park engagement picnic

And when the clouds moved in the last bounce of light gave us beautiful sunset ending of a great evening. I wish all the weekends were like this but even a rainy day can be rewarding when you are ready for it. You will see in my next blog how the first look can look when the rain does not want to stop at Stanley park.

w_5PP2507 w_5PP2475

Congratulations to Teila and Pavlo and I am looking forward to be a part of your big day celebration. More images coming soon on our website.

Light house park engagement picnic