Light house family portraits


Erin booked me to be her wedding photographer some time ago. Her taste for scenic images from places around Vancouver brought her to my website and it did not take long we started to plan their engagement photo shoot. This time kind of different one. The company to her and her fiance Chad were theirs daughters. Light house family portraits took place late in the evening and we were trying to capture the best scenic views from this amazing sea Light house park in West Vancouver. And what a great day we had you can see below. Enjoy. These images are retouched a bit more in dramatic scenic way, but even without it they simply look beautiful.

light house park west vancouverw_6PP1801 w_6PP1820 Light house family portraits w_6PP1858Light house family portraits

The little girls were holding pretty good and thanks to the family friends who came to help with them I could photograph Erin and Chad just the two of them. Great idea and what a nice family trip guys.
w_4PP2072 Light house family portraits w_4PP2142 w_6PP1908
Even though the sunset during this perfect sunny day was not that spectacular as we were hoping for we had such a good time we did not even realized and the dusk took over the scenery and we had to wrap the session up.
w_4PP2180 w_6PP1970 Light house family portraits
And btw, I had two engagements session at this location the very same day and both of them look completely different even though they were just 3 hours apart. It is all about the light so you will have a chance to see soon how it looked like for Heather and Adam and their cool puppy friend :). Guys from Yukon were lucky enough to have a sunny blast so I wish them the same for their wedding day this summer. Thanks for stopping by.
Light house family portraits