White Cliff Beach Dusk Romantic fun Engagement pictures
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White Cliff Beach Dusk Romantic fun Engagement pictures

White Cliff Beach Dusk Romantic fun Engagement picturesAmazing location with super easy going couple who wants to have freaking awesome pictures from it is a dream come true combination. Daisy+Wilson had with me already 2 portrait sessions before and they minds were set beyond that even further, with 2 more to be photographed. This couple love scenic based portraits and for their wedding day wanted to showcase their love through set of everlasting images around the Vancouver are. We photographed cherry blossoms, sunsets, flying lanterns at Science world and here we were at West Vancouver White Cliff park. Since the tide was so high during the sunset we could not get on the beach at all. Well we photographed something portraits up above on the cliff and then at the end of the shoot we still managed to capture tight going out with could hugging above it on the beach... the splashes were so strong almost got over their feet at some moments. Hunger for creative and unique pictures for your future family what pushes my couples that extra mile to dream about them. It does also pushes me as a photographer, since there are no expectations and brides and grooms trust my twists in what I do the best, great portraits which capture beauty of a person and environment around as well. One could call it more of a lifestyle engagements with epic scenic creations. This is how I live my passion for my art in the eyes of those who feel and see photography is the art form not a snapshooting. For more info reach out to me and if available I would love to create extraordinary images from places you like.

Location: White Cliff park, West Vancouver, BC.