Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Engagement photo locations
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Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Engagement photo locations

Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Engagement photography locations

Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Engagement photography locations like Stanley Park allows us photographers to frame you in amazing painterly background you love. We all love these spring tree lines around the city. Either they are pink or white, they all look so amazing. I have been asked many times to suggest the best time and place for these lifestyle portraits session where cherry blossom trees play major part. There is no direct answer where you should go and have fun but the key to those who are searching for the best possible place to have beautiful cherry blossoms pictures taken is the light. You can have a gorges cherry tree standing pretty much anywhere it all depends how you approach it and when you are at that location. Usually late evening works best for most of thee engagement portraits sessions. If the streets are busy then even early morning is great since no so many people would go for a morning walk around cherry trees. But tree can only be a great background for you if you are really enjoying yourselves so having a blast during the shoot is the key to great story from it. Show your passion and love to each other, be romantic or passionate as you wish, just be yourselves and you will love outcome and your imagery. If you would love to know more about my lifestyle portraits, send me a message and I am looking forward to hear your ideas. Thank you for visiting. Jozef

Location: Stanley Park Pavilion, Vancouver, BC, Canada.