Trump International Hotel Tower Vancouver engagement
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Trump International Hotel Tower Vancouver engagement

Trump International Hotel Tower Vancouver engagement photographed by Jozef Povazan Photography, North Vancouver based wedding photographers. Street fun pic of A+S happiness that the rain has stopped and they can enjoy views of Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel, Pan Pacific white sails and new land mark in downtown The Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver a skyscraper with lots of attention from the recent presidential inauguration as we all know.

Genuine feelings for each other and care for each other was a joy to watch between these two awesome people. Despite the tricky weather their joy of life and smiles on their faces were amazing. People in love share it around themselves without knowing it. And if you look at them you can actually see it shining all over. I love to meet people who are being themselves. I strongly encourage it in every wedding couple I photograph. That is the only way you will really love your story I create and capture for you. You are the best the way you are and by showing it in front of the camera is the greatest story of yours. A+N will have an everlasting experience not just from this shoot but also form their wedding celebration. Being shy a bit at the beginning they very quickly realized they were actually enjoying the moments being in front of my lens and since then they simply let it go and lived their rainy session together. Running around, hugging, twirling, or just simply holding each other and loving each other showed me very quickly who they are in nature. I am so honoured to be their photographer for their Grand Hotel wedding in Kelowna this year. I wish them a great wedding celebration and since they were so easy going on one on one engagement session, the wedding day will for sure be just one big awesome weekend of pure joy and love for them and their families. Thank you for visiting, my name is Jozef Povazan and if you like what you see here, send me a message and I would like to hear your story. Who knows we might see each other soon :). Cheers.

Location: 1151 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC.