Steam Clock Gastown Engagement romantic fun photos
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Steam Clock Gastown Engagement romantic fun photos

Steam Clock Gastown Engagement romantic fun photos with D+W.

Think about top ten romantic and epic places for wedding or engagement pictures in Vancouver. I am confident to say that Gastown with its Steam Clock will be on the list. This centuries old classic look of old Vancouver downtown is simply amazing. Tourists love it, brides cry here and grooms can have fun with their best man and party. It is a living history, filled with emotions people leave here behind after they leave. For photographers it is a paradise and images created right way can really bring this locations to the heights. I was honoured to photograph many clients here and the latest one was simply amazing. Down to earth guys, who simply wanted to enjoy each other company and have great time while getting influenced by the beauty of this place. So we did a night portrait session here. Just before midnight when streets were almost empty. Steam clock was not working properly so the steam was not coming out and we spent more then an hour waiting for that. Who would say, hey? Well, does it really matter at the end? No, it does not. The joy and laugh D+M had together overpowered the missing visual effect. Epic clock over the couple in black and white version is simple yet elegant image. It shows the relationship in magical way. Wilson holding Daisy on his lap as she holed the vintage lamp post and trust his arms to hold her in the air. Romance have many faces, but just look at theirs. Simply everlasting. My name is Jozef Povazan and I am Vancouver photographer who would like to hear and capture your story. Are you ready for it?

Location: Steam Clock Gastown, Vancouver, BC, Canada.