Steam Clock Gastown engagement bride kissing groom
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Steam Clock Gastown engagement bride kissing groom

Kissing under Steam Clock in Gastown Vancouver. That is the final image of Daisy and Wilson epic e-session in the middle of the night at this scenic and popular location in the heart of Vancouver. Brick walls, twinkle lights, great restaurants lot's of tourists and centuries of memories. One of the most visited streets in the city. Wedding couples love this for creative pictures, couple's in love propose their vows here. This place is magic. And when you have the empty streets in the middle of the night just for yourselves then it is pure awesomeness. Shiny streets with colourful lights everywhere are an amazing background for your pictures. You can literally turn any direction and find here something interesting worth capturing it. Old looking street lamps, sidewalks divided by boat chains from the roads, dark alleys offering dramatic lighting for Hollywood style stories. If artistic night portraits with a cinematic feel to it then Gastown should be on your list very high. During the day streets might be too busy for some scenic shots but at night these comes to the life. I am honoured to work with clients who trust my advices and love the art I am able to create for them in exchange for their trust and determination to have different looking photographs. If unique pictures is what you dream about from your wedding, simply get in touch and I would love to hear your ideas and plans. My name is Jozef Povazan and I am a photographer.

Location: Steam Clock, Gastown, Vancouver, BC.