Drone Pre Wedding Engagement Pictures Lighthouse Park
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Drone Pre Wedding Engagement Pictures Lighthouse Park

Drone Pre Wedding Engagement Pictures from Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver are romantic and dramatic at the same time. Love, fearless cliff climbing captured by Vancouver wedding photographer Jozef Povazan Photography shows a couple with their german shepherd dog enjoying rest on a cliff above Pacific ocean. What a great idea to have unique lifestyle pictures before wedding day. Drone photography became very popular last couple years but until now the quality could be obtained only with high end types of drones. DJI came this Christmas with a completely new machine called DJI Phantom 4 Pro and this thing can really take great picture. Its 1 Inch sensor is more then capable to photograph in low light and deliver amazing detail in shadows in its DNG files. Also the drone is so smart with its latest technology that to learn to fly with it and get it into positions where I need it took me less then a week of playing with it. Yes, I call it playing since it is a great fun a joy for me. The advantage of obstacle avoidance allows me to concentrate on the story of the images instead of worrying if I am going to hit something in the air. I love couples who love adventure and drama in their wedding stories and if you are one of them send me a message and you might be my next fearless bride and groom to be photographed with these flying machines I start to like more and more. My name is Jozef Povazan and I love to create unique and modern wedding stories. Thank you for visiting.

Location: Lighthouse park, West Vancouver, BC, Canada.