Bridal Veil Falls Engagement Portraits Bride Red Dress
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Bridal Veil Falls Engagement Portraits Bride Red Dress

Bridal Veil Falls Engagement Portraits created by Jozef Povazan Photography are nothing but amazing. Bride was wearing a Red Dress for dusk photo session at this iconic waterfall near Hope, BC. The brie and groom were standing so close to the fall they could feel the water splashing on them and their bodies were shaking frozen after couple minutes of this late evening shoot. Unique, edgy and fun experience is what drives my brides and grooms to have images like these created by me. Passion for different looking stories attracts couple from around the world to reach out to me to be photographed at some of the most extraordinary places you could imagine. If you were dreaming to have your wedding pictures showing who you are deep in your hearts, then I would love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting and looking forward to hear from you.


Location: Bridal Veil Falls, Chilliwack, BC, Canada.