Hatley Castle Wedding session in Chinese red dress.
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Hatley Castle Wedding session in Chinese red dress.

Hatley Castle Wedding photography session in Chinese red dress. Royal roads Hatley Castle is one of the most beautiful, scenic and romantic places on Vancouver Island you can imagine. Amazing Japanese and Rose gardens, lakes, wooden bridges. Simply spectacular place for your wedding portraits. My bride and groom decided to have their pre wedding session here since Sherry studied here at the University and the place had a strong sentimental meaning to her. Timing was crucial since the sun got low very fast in the evening but we managed to change 2 wedding dresses and create some everlasting images of them. Povazan Photography is North Vancouver based boutique wedding studio available owned by Jozef Povazan, Awards winning destination wedding photographer, one of top 3 wedding photographers in Vancouver in 2015.

Location: Hatley Castle, Vancouver Island, BC.

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