Vancouver gymnastics studio portrait photographer
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Vancouver gymnastics studio portrait photographer

Vancouver gymnastics studio portrait photographer Jozef Povazan

Portrait of Sofia - gymnast from Flipcity gymnastics Langley, BC

Welcome to Jozef Povazan Photography studios. I am excited to announce that our photography will now include creative pictures for athletes such gymnasts, dancers, ballerinas and martial arts sportsmen who would like to have amazing memories from their hobbies and professions in their future.

Our studio specialize in creative portraits and seeing real life experience in more cinematic and dramatic way and we want to share our new work with you.

From 2023 we will be capturing children, youth and adults doing what they love to do, their sports and activities in a studio style portraits.

Above you can see portrait of Sofia, young gymnast who competes for Flipcity Gymnastics team in Langley, BC and her passion is sports in general. This is a black and white dramatic studio light set up to emphasize the pose which she likes to perform in her warm ups for her competitions to stretch her body and prepare all her muscles for high level workout she does.

Sofia is full time gymnast who loves sport in general, her mind is resting when she works out and her stamina has no end.

If you would like to have photographs of your children created this unique way for your family memories reach out to us and we would like to hear your ideas and help you to create images you and your children will like to keep forever.

Send us a request or email at or call/text us at 7783403460.

Looking forward to getting know you.

Cheers, Jozef

Location: Maple Ridge BC.

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