Portable home based studio for gymnastics portraits
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Portable home based studio for gymnastics portraits

Portable home based studio for gymnastics portraits in Vancouver.

Creative studio portraits of children athletes at your living room.

Hi, my name is Jozef Povazan and I am the owner of Jozef Povazan photography studios. We are very excited to announce for 2023 completely new photography products for busy parents and families who would like to have created amazing everlasting portraits of their children doing their hobbies in studio style settings.

For the first time in Vancouver we bring the portable studio with backdrops, lights, and effects to your house so your children can have their cool portrait fo their cation sport captured in the environment they know the best, your very own living room.

If you have a space in your house which is large enough, then we can create these kind of images like you see above of your children at your own home.

To simply make sure it is doable, fill in our request form, or call us at 7783403460 and we will give you suggestion how we could photograph your young athlete very unique and creative way.

Studio portraits of gymnasts, dancers, martial arts, swimmers or any kind of sportsmen portraits in Vancouver has been done before many times but we are the first studio who offers this style of photography to be done at the cosiness of your own home.

We do offer multiple colour or black and white backdrops to choose from, our studio lighting is based on Profoto lights and Elinchrome light modifiers which are standard of any worldwide photography or cinematography studios including Hollywood and Vancouver film studio movie industry.

We are excited to work with talented young children and our images will blow your mind since what you see on the cover of sport magazines can now be framed on your walls and created at your very own home.

Thank you for stopping by and we are excited to hear your questions and ideas.


Jozef and Maria

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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