Langley sport and photography studio for athletes
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Langley sport and photography studio for athletes

Langley sport and photography studio for athletes

Langley sport and photography studio for athletes offers portable sett ups with lights and backdrops to create dramatic, unique and different portraits of your children.

Hi, my name is Jozef Povazan and I am Vancouver portrait photographer.

For 2023 year we came up with an idea of portable photography studio set which we can bring to your home, or your party or event or even work and create styled images of athletes very different way.

Our images are pure reflection of your talent. You show us what you can do and we will set the studio based on that to capture it very unique way for you to enjoy and share with your family and friends.

The age does not matter, from small children who like to just simply jump and dance to high end competitive gymnasts, cyclists, swimmers, fitness boys and girls, we can create images which will be completely different from what your friends have had, and your iPhone can stay home for this session since you will leave those snaps which can be nice already in dust after this session is done and you will see your creative look from us.

These sessions are very unique for each person. If you know how to do 3 flips in 3 seconds then we will set up the lights so you ninja style talent can be showed its very own way, Sanding, sitting, moving or being still does not matter.

Our studio equipment has been challenged before and we delivered results which went beyond expectations of our friends clients we worked with.

What we need from you or your children is to have a good time, We want to show what you love to do and how good you are in it. It all comes from you! We happen to be there to capture and create these portraits unique and bold style way but ultimately your joy for what you do will shine in those images its very own way.

Be yourselves and let us do the magic with cameras and lenses around you.

Studio sport photography does not need to be boring. You will be laughing or crying from muscle tickles, story in images will be nothing short of amazing and your pictures will not be hidden in a folder in your desk drawer but printed on the walls and shared with your friends with joy....

We are very excited about this new projects we are offering from 2023 Spring so give us a call at 7783403460 or send us any questions you might have in our request form and we will be in touch with you soon to make this happen for you.

Thank you for visiting and lets create together something very different for you.



Location: Langley, BC, Canada.

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