Black and white studio portrait of gymnasts and dancers
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Black and white studio portrait of gymnasts and dancers

Black and white studio portrait of gymnasts and dancers

Black and white studio portraits of gymnasts and dancers created in our Vancouver portable studio in the warmth of your house for your talented children.

If you like dramatic creative portraits with magazine style quality and cinematic everlasting black and white feel then you came to the right place.

We are very excited to announce our 2023 portable studio can now be present at your events to photograph your children and their friends in a very unique styled way.

Imagine a birthday party from which everyone leaves with a super cool athletic portrait of your daughter or son or even everyone having their very own portrait created during the good times before the cake is cut and gifts are opened.

We can set up a portable studio with lights anywhere where we have enough room to do so and capture very dramatic and elegant pictures for your family memories which will be far away from snap-shooting.

We are detail oriented sport photography studio who wants to show talents of your young athletes.

Simply send us your request, ask us any questions or call us at 7783403460 and we are confident we can set up for you photography experience your family and guests will love and will want us back again in future.

Thank you for looking, now how can we help you to make your dream come true for your vision?



Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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