Swan-E-Eet Wedding photos gorges Indian Sikh ceremony
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Swan-E-Eet Wedding photos gorges Indian Sikh ceremony

Swan-E-Set Wedding Events venue is one of the best wedding locations in Vancouver and BC. Most amazing scenic places like this one attract brides and grooms from far away. Nature around this worldwide known Golf and Country club is absolutely breathtaking. My Indian couple Sharan and Gurpreet had their traditional Sikh wedding ceremony inside the ballroom. Floor was covered in white before the holly book could be brought inside, the saris and colourful outfits were creating a surreal scenery like we just entered Golden temple in Amritsar. Sacred ceremony lasted over an hour, finishing at the end with groom and bride walking in circle four times around the holly book. Hundreds of guests watching, music playing, emotions and tears running in the faces down the cheeks. It is very emotional time of the day and very quiet. Then after the ceremony we escaped to the garden with the bride and groom so the crowds had a chance to move outside for a welcome ceremony. Guys had a fun and spontaneous portrait session at golf course. Lots of love, laugh, hugs simply enjoying each other and feeling being married. Priceless experience to photograph. Being yourselves is the key to an amazing story from your celebration. It was a joy to photograph S+G and they images show how much they enjoyed each other without being too aware of my cameras. If you are shy personalities who like to hide from a camera, well reach out to me and let's see what I could create for you from you big day. My name is Jozef Povazan and I am Vancouver wedding photographer.

Location: Swan-e-set, Pitt Meadows, BC.