Surrey Indian Wedding Photographers Best Pictures
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Surrey Indian Wedding Photographers Best Pictures

Surrey Indian Wedding Photographers Best Pictures

Surrey Sikh Indian weddings in Vancouver area are famous for their week long festivities. Being able to create a cinematic style wedding photo album for bride and groom from 5 days of celebrations require a big skill set, big stamina and energy and also some luck, since you have to work with hundreds or even thousands guests.

At this Indian Sikh Vancouver wedding photography was very high priority of the bride and groom and their families.

With 2000 guests at ceremony and reception night party you better know what you are doing to survive it.

I have been asked numerous times if I specialize only in Indian weddings by Vancouver wedding professionals, planners and artists. Why? Well we attract them and they like what we create for them. We are bit dramatic and fearless artists and I specially love to capture even candid moments the way like they were watched in famous movies...

Create but do not distract the wedding guests and families from enjoying themselves. Disappear in crowd and capture unreal raw moments and then step in the story when opportunity allows for amazing wow hero portraits.

Seeing light and be able to manipulate it to bride and groom images advantage can be learned but to have a certain taste to it comes with passion and talent. You can try very hard to get similar looks or you simply have it in you and you roll with that taste of yours and create in joy for others.

That is precisely me. I love what I am doing and when I see reactions of my couples howI created from nothing those freaking awesome pictures, that is the biggest thank you for me to see the sparkles in the eyes looking at them.

If you would like to know more how you can have your story captured, just hit our contact form and send us an email or even better call us for availability and we are looking forwrd to hear what you are up to.



Location: Surrey, Bear Creek Park, BC, Canada.

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