Sea to Sky Gondola Wedding Sky Pilot Night pictures fun
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Sea to Sky Gondola Wedding Sky Pilot Night pictures fun

Sea to Sky Gondola Wedding Sky Pilot Night pictures fun.

I remember when I was a teenager a very strong experience from my school trip to the majestic High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia. We took a Cable Cabin to the second highest peak in our country called Lomnicky Peak. There is a weather observatory station with breathtaking amazing viewing platforms. On a clear night you can see the lights of street lamps in Budapest, Hungary which is some 300KM away. The day when I first stood on that deck, I have met a photographer and writer who was doing his book at that time in his late 60s. I was overwhelmed with all that beauty I have never seen before and he spotted it in my expressions / probably forgot to close my mouth I guess /. He came to me with his camera and told me and my buddy who was up there with me: " Boys, you had to be really good to deserve this kind of weather and light up here, it does not happen that often!" and walked away to continue photograph it. Well, since then I visited and photographed hundreds of peaks which were higher, all the way up to Mt. Everest base camp, Anapurnas range or Rocky Mountains beautiful sceneries. I still remember his words any time I come to a place like that on was. So it was the same again at this weekend Sea To Sky Gondola Wedding at Squamish. It was raining since the morning yet the weather cleared for the bride and groom to enjoy their Canada Day long weekend wedding. And when the dusk came in the clouds moved and showed us Sky Pilot peaks for the first time on that day. For these guys this meant a lot, and their dramatic almost night portrait at this scenic epic venue on the top of the world will stay forever in their minds and hearts. It was the day when they said yes I do to each other. Priceless! 

Location: 36800 BC-99, Squamish, BC V0N 3G0.