Rosewood Hotel Georgia Wedding photographers pictures
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Rosewood Hotel Georgia Wedding photographers pictures

Rosewood Hotel Georgia Wedding photographer Jozef Povazan created a picture of bride and groom and their son getting ready for the ceremony at Tudor room. What a beautiful moment of dad touching sons hair, mom holding his shoulder and son holding mother's elegant dress. This is a family tree in making and grand parents will love this image forever. Real people with real love taking care of each other as family. I am always honoured to photograph brides and grooms who live their wedding day like I was not there. It is not easy since you have hundreds of guests looking at you. Yet you can get so emotionally attached to the story you will not actually see them. Moments like these, very soft and romantic and real are so precious. I love to create dramatic and unique wedding imagery, but when the time comes and quiet moment of people sharing love around freezes the motion a very delicate and candid portrait is what your dad will want to have framed on the wall. I am so thankful to all my brides and grooms who opened their hearts on their wedding days and let their love to shine around. They all love their stories and I am so glad I could create those for them. My name is Jozef Povazan and I am photographer. If you like my storytelling I would like to hear from you your plans and ideas. Thank you for visiting. Jozef

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