Rosewood Hotel Georgia Wedding Photographer Bride Dress
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Rosewood Hotel Georgia Wedding Photographer Bride Dress

Rosewood Hotel Georgia Wedding Photographer Jozef Povazan creates a dramatic image of bride dress at Spanish ballroom. Your wedding story told artistic way through my vision as I saw your day to happen. Weddings are amazing times of peoples lives and I live them through my ideas to tell your story the way like no one else would. You are in love and happy to experience the most amazing time of your life with your family and friends. Why your story should be just an average and boring snapping of thousands of pictures? This was a very intimate wedding celebration of D+A with their children, close family and friends. I do not know why they chosen their wedding venue to be Rosewood Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver but that is not important for me to know. They had a connection with it and I want them to see that connection through their wedding album story they will cherish forever. This is an image of brides wedding dress hanged on the hand crafted door to Spanish ballroom. It is dramatic and bold. It is unique and modern. It is simply different. I love to create images which stands apart from others. I have been photographing at this venue many times and I always try to approach it like I have never photographed there before. It is my vision in my mind which directs my moves and mood how I photograph your day. It is not the best camera in the world which will do it for you. I am passionate about what I do and if you feel you would love to have a wedding story which is different from anybody else then I would really like to hear from you your ideas and plans. I am Vancouver based destination wedding photographer and where ever your wedding might be, I would be thrilled to show you what I could create from it for you. Thank you for visiting. Cheers. Jozef

Location: Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, BC.