Richmond River Rock Casino Wedding Povazan Photography
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Richmond River Rock Casino Wedding Povazan Photography

Richmond River Rock Casino Wedding in James Bond style captured by Povazan Photography. Unique storytelling created by Award winning Vancouver photographer Jozef Povazan. When the biggest storm of the year hit Vancouver this summer, we decided too photograph bridal party creative session at Richmond River Rock Casino. VIP passes were required to be allowed to shoot here and how rewarding it was you can see here. This image of bride and groom practising first dance choreography was photographed while people were watching and dreaming passing around the couple. Untraditional composition and lighting on the bride shows this image like it was a painting. How to find the best wedding photography in you city is not an easy task. By all means I might not the the only one who creates very bold and dramatic images for clients, yet if you feel this is what you were looking for, I would love to hear your story and how I could help you to capture it forever. Feel free to reach out and who knows, we might be seeing each other soon at your celebration.

Location: 8811 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3P8.