Queen Elizabeth Seasons Restaurant wedding first dance
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Queen Elizabeth Seasons Restaurant wedding first dance

Queen Elizabeth Seasons Restaurant wedding first dance

Wedding couple first dance from Vancouver Queen Elizabeth Park restaurant Seasons in park. bride and groom M+F loved this photograph since they saw it first time on their Instagram feed.

The exact words of Maria - the bride after seeing this image were: "Jozef this photo is amazing!! It makes me look and feel like a princess, exactly the way that my lovely husband @_rfaisal makes me feels ❤️"

How can you not love to work as photographer with such genuine people who simply despite the long hours of standing on their feet enjoy every minute of their celebrations. Maria was wearing super high heels all the way till the end of wedding and managed to walk like a trooper around the whole for their wedding story portraits she loves so much.

I am honoured and humbled when couples I photographer their weddings for simply feel like these awesome human beings did. As a photographer I understand the breaking point where there is simply enough of enjoyment and pain comes in as next stage. Photography can be draining and I try not to go there unless you really want me to. These guys spent every extra joule of energy they had in themselves to get their unique, modern, cinematic style pictures on their day and tears of joy through the day and then later after seeing these images makes me feel my mission to document a wedding story the way I do was accomplished.

Dramatic and bold wedding photography style I love to create requires you being happy :) and enjoying each other on your wedding day. If you can do that, then I step in for the rest of it.

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I am looking forward to hear your story and Thank you for stopping by.

Cheers, jozef

Location: Queen Elizabeth park, Seasons restaurant, Vancouver, BC.

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