Lighthouse Park Scenic Wedding pictures West Vancouver
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Lighthouse Park Scenic Wedding pictures West Vancouver

Lighthouse Park Scenic Wedding pictures West Vancouver. If you love nature like most of my clients do then one of your first questions for your wedding day will be - Where do we go for formal pictures on our wedding day? And the answer is not easy. There is so many amazing places and locations you could go for. My advice is usually based on the location of your ceremony place and the reception venue address. The last thing what I would want on your wedding day is to be stack in traffic so I always try to give you suggestions based on it so as little logistics is needed as possible. My North Vancouver Pinnacle hotel wedding couple B+T had their favourite place chosen very well. They liked White cliff and Lighthouse park in West Vancouver. Due to busy timeline of the day we opted for White Cliff since to park a car there is way easier. Well, it was so raining on their wedding day, we ended up going nowhere from the hotel and stayed at close by North Shore pier. Since passion for hiking and nature at West Coast was too strong for these guys, we then planned another portrait session with them after their wedding day, and look how amazing day and light we got. Lighthouse park is one of the most epic, nature scenic places in Vancouver no doubt about it. This sunset image at golden hour when the sun has its orange warm feel is simply everlasting experience. My passion allows me to create images like these for my clients who love them and if you feel the same way, why do not you reach out to me. I would like to hear your story and possibly create unique ones for you as well. My name is Jozef Povazan and I am Vancouver wedding photographer.

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