Hotel Vancouver Fairmont Wedding Photographer Bride
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Hotel Vancouver Fairmont Wedding Photographer Bride

Hotel Vancouver Fairmont Wedding Photographer Bride

Hotel Vancouver Fairmont Wedding Photographer Bride portrait created by Jozef Povazan Photography. Award winning cinematic and creative approach for brides and grooms who love unique and very dramatic wedding images and stories.

Hotel Vancouver or as you can see it mentioned on google maps Fairmont Hotel, is one of the few historic building in downtown which offer very European architecture style with luxury and and amazing services for very high demanding couples.

This is one of the best wedding venues in city and its location in the heart of town gives you great variety for fearless wedding pictures. Moody ballrooms, high windows, spectacular views. Being very close to Vancouver harbour and Convention centre, this is a perfect place for evening walks and shows at Robson street are just one block away waiting for you.

On the wedding day if the weather is not that great and rain shows up, you are completely safe to stay inside and have amazing story with awesome images form it no matter how rainy it gets out in the streets.

Here is a photograph of bride waiting for the groom to bring her her flats shows inside the lobby of the Fairmont hotel.

Simple, elegant and very different from an iPhone snap. If modern wedding pictures and great story form your celebration is something very important to you then I would love to hear your ideas and plans for you big day.

My name is Jozef Povazan and you might just found yourselves your wedding photographer.

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Location: 900 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6.