Swan-e-set Indian Sikh wedding ceremony bride groom fun

Swan-e-set Indian Sikh wedding ceremony followed by easygoing bride and groom having fun during their creative formal portraits at the golf course. I wish couples were always able to forget about camera in my hands and just dive into their emotions like Sharan and Gurpreet did at their wedding. These guys were down to earth. They enjoyed every single moment of being together. And since they had couple hundreds guests at their wedding they loved every opportunity I gave them for taking them out to get some fresh air and being just close next to each other. It was a rainy day since the morning but when you have believe that everything is for a reason, the crisp clear sky opened for their Swan e set celebration and we did not see a single drop that afternoon. Simple walk around this scenic nature jewel in Vancouver allowed me to follow them from far away and capture these pressures moments. Gurp showing Sharan his golden watch, was just one of them. Being yourself is the key to great imagery. These guys went far beyond and the way they rocked this amazing wedding venue is hard to describe. Loud music from Decibel entertainment brought the place down. Dancing, laughing, crying all in one day. Love is all you need. They lived they day filled with love and joy. It was my great honour to photograph them and I wish them all the best on their new journey. Jozef Povazan - Award winning Vancouver wedding photographer.