Sikh Indian Bride wedding getting ready portrait pics

Sikh Indian weddings are an amazing experience to witness.  People are in such a great mood to celebrate no one cares if the photographer is present. It is a pure joy to create. Sharan was getting ready at parents house for her Swan-e-set wedding celebration. Jewellery was all over her bed, make up bags all over tables and floor, one could barely open the door but when the moment came al of that suddenly disappeared and who left was just her. The chandelier height in the room was set for her, hanging really low I had a chance to feel it couple time on my forehead. Nad since it was her room she grew up in, well here is her portrait in it. Candle light mixed with some open door one gives it a vintage feel emphasizing golden decor she was wearing. Ceremony and reception took place at Pitt Meadows Swan e set resort. This Hollywood famous golf club for Adam Sandler's movie Happy Gilmore has become a Bollywood dance party place for a day and night! Scenic nature based wedding venue like this and beautiful bride accompanied with a handsome groom wearing red turban added extra sparkle to it. Wild party  finished after midnight and memories will last forever from it. Created ann captured pictures by Award winning wedding photographer Jozef Povazan - Vancouver destination wedding photographer.